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Ensuring safe and efficient facilities to process, store and transport oil and gas, natural gas liquids and liquefied natural gas in testing onshore and offshore environments.

Navigating the complex downstream hydrocarbons landscape

As part of the Worley Group, our consultants tap into 60 years’ experience in downstream hydrocarbons activities to support the development, expansion, and modernization of crude oil refineries, implementation of environmental protection initiatives, and the manufacturing, marketing, and distribution of hydrocarbon products.

Ensuring safe and efficient facilities

Through a combination of deep sector knowledge, technical proficiency, integrated offerings, and global experience, we help clients achieve considerable cost and schedule savings for the development and operation of gas processing plants, pipeline systems and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) facilities.

We have supported the design and construction of more than 400 gas processing plants around the world, including the majority of facilities processing gas from the North Sea and the East Atlantic. Our role extends from master planning and design for greenfield facilities through to enhanced recovery and operational efficiency for mature brownfield sites.

Our global pipeline systems experts have delivered the full range of hydrocarbon transmission infrastructure including large diameter, long distance pipeline systems, related facilities and terminals. Our continuous investment in new generation technologies and the ongoing education and training of our consultants allows us to provide total project solutions to the pipeline industry.

Advisian also has extensive experience with LNG developments including:
  • Floating and onshore liquefaction plants
  • Regasification facilities
  • Mid- to mini-LNG
  • Marinization and modularization  

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