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What we do


Chemicals plant

Guiding chemical manufacturers to grow in new and existing markets with business solutions that drive operational excellence, improve profitability and keep up with evolving technologies.

Helping you stay at the forefront of evolving technologies and complex decisions, Advisian understands the complex array of risks and opportunities the chemical industry faces today, namely new feedstock sources, production technologies, and digital transformations, and supports clients on their journey to the next generation of performance and agility through high-end advisory.

We provide a deep understanding of assets, both existing and new, with extensive experience on many of the world’s most challenging chemical projects. Our consultants enable clients to drive capital productivity, minimize operational expenditure, and increase operating margins.

Advisian’s strategic, management, and technical consulting services range from product portfolio management, effective capital planning, procurement strategy, and operations improvement to transaction advisory services and actionable strategies for key growth opportunities and sustained success for chemical clients over the long term.

The Chemicals Value Chain

At each stage of the chemicals value chain, there are opportunities for business exposure. Combining practical, real-world experiences, Worley and Advisian provide solutions to a number of subsectors of the chemical industry: Petrochemicals, Polymers, Inorganic Chemicals and Specialty Chemicals... from the raw material extraction, downstream chemical manufacturing and processing, to recycling or disposal of the chemical waste.

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