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Upstream Midstream and LNG

Upstream Midstream and LNG

Leading the way to a more sustainable future

Climate change. Population growth. Increased urbanisation.

The world is rapidly changing, and we have to respond to the new challenges it presents – quickly.

We understand the complexities of low-carbon energy demand and how it impacts today, tomorrow, and the long-term future. Whether its lowering emissions, improving efficiencies, or streamlining fuel transportation, we can help you move to cleaner, greener operations.

Working smarter to drive down costs

Cost. Now more than ever, that’s the focus. As your partner, we’ll drive savings and efficiencies through the life cycle of your project. You’ll enhance your value chain, remove non-productive time, and minimize delays.

Working through complex challenges

It’s true. We have teams across the globe who tackle and solve some of the most complex and important energy resource challenges of our lifetime. We achieve value-added outcomes using our diversity of expertise, global know-, and cutting-edge digital tools.

What’s valuable isn’t the same for everyone. So we make certain we understand what “value” means to you. Then we’ll deliver it.

For example, in the Gulf of Mexico, we worked with our clients to design a lightweight, efficient semi-submersible. This solution has driven down the cost significantly and helped our clients deliver greater value to their business.

Whatever your project or challenge, we’re here to help. Just ask.

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