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Advisian provides strategic, technical, and management consulting services to optimize refinery operations throughout the globe.

Optimizing your refinery operations throughout the globe

Refiners develop and operate assets in complex and evolving environments, often facing a diversity of challenges. We help you tackle them.

Our diverse team of experienced consultants and engineers partner with you to innovate solutions and strategies that address key growth opportunities. We integrate changing regulatory requirements, manage project risks, and enable sustained success over the asset lifecycle.

Additionally, we offer subscription studies related to petroleum coke markets, and provide software applications to help our U.S. clients file EPA-mandated reports for gasoline and diesel reporting requirements.

Our key areas of expertise include:

  • Refinery and crude-to-chemicals configuration studies
  • Clean fuels, demands, and licensor selection
  • Greenhouse gas emissions reduction and low carbon management
  • Energy efficiency studies and implementation
  • Digital solutions
  • Heavy oil upgrading facilities
  • Revamps, modernization, and capacity expansions
  • Portfolio management, capital planning, and operational excellence

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