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Scaling green hydrogen from concept to use

Part of a city skyscraper with green trees superimposed on the outside. Part of a city skyscraper with green trees superimposed on the outside.

9 December, 2021

Our Decarbonization & Energy Transition Consultant, Erica Bhasin, recently moderated a panel session at COP26.


The National Research Institute for Solar Energy and New Energies of Morocco (IRESEN) along with the Moroccan Ministry of Energy Transition and Sustainable Development recently hosted a panel at COP26. It aimed to uncover opportunities to scale up Morocco’s green hydrogen market. And chose our very own Erica Bhasin to moderate the discussion.

There was a consensus that green hydrogen would be a viable source of clean energy for both domestic and European markets. This is because of Morocco’s abundance of renewable energy. And a green hydrogen strategy showing the governments’ commitment to decarbonize its energy sector by scaling up and commercialising the technology.

Panelists included the CEO of IRESEN, and the Director of Energy at the United Nations Industrial Organisation (UNIDO). They shared the stage with the Managing Director of Green Economy at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (ERBRD), the Vice President of Africa for John Cockerill, and the New Build Sales Leader of Howden UK.

The panel explored perspectives of bankers, industry and technology vendors. It highlighted the need for sufficient financing, policies and subsidies and mass manufacturing of electrolyzers. And touched on driving investment and scale up.

Misaligned timing between legislation, demand, supply and technology was a key concern during the session.

Erica Bhasin, Decarbonization & Energy Transition Consultant

Hydrogen is among our strategic pathways

To see conversations around it build momentum inspires us to help our clients unlock opportunities in developing a sustainable market. Just like Erica, our experts are involved in the work and conversations shaping the industry. And we’re excited to see where this takes us and the globe.

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