WorleyParsons and WatershipBlue Announce Master Services Agreement

ship on the water ship on the water

7 March 2019

Waterships are large-scale, floating seawater desalination plants based on converted used oil tankers that are moored at sea just over the horizon.  The vessels produce large volumes of fresh water (50 MGD+) that are sent via a subsea pipeline from the ship to the client’s onshore infrastructure.  Waterships provide fast access to fresh water, and their mobility allows them to solve aspects of the global water crisis that traditional land-based desalination plants cannot address.

Under the MSA, WorleyParsons and its global advisory and consulting business line, Advisian, will provide program management consulting (PMC), process development, construction management, and integration, engineering , environmental, and geotechnical services for floating desalination plants as well as advisory support to assist WatershipBlue with global watership sales.

According to Advisian’s Director of Water, Americas, Dhananjay Mishra, “Our customers require rapid access to water and waterships can be delivered faster than onshore plants. In addition, a major advantage of the WatershipBlue solution is that the state-of-the-art systems on the vessels with desalination technologies have been commercially proven with great reliability worldwide.”

Rocky Holliday, CEO of WatershipBlue says, “We are excited to work with a world-class company such as WorleyParsons. Their unmatched project delivery capability enables WatershipBlue to service desalination markets around the globe. Our team has benefitted greatly from their multi-disciplinary project development skills and experience in getting to this important milestone.”

For media enquiries contact thomas.estes@watershipblue.com.

About WorleyParsons

WorleyParsons delivers projects, provides expertise in engineering, procurement and construction and offers a wide range of consulting and advisory services. We cover the full lifecycle, from creating new assets to sustaining and enhancing operating assets, in the hydrocarbons, mineral, metals, chemicals and infrastructure sectors. Our resources and energy are focused on responding to and meeting the needs of our customers over the long term and thereby creating value for our shareholders. WorleyParsons is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange [ASX:WOR].

About Advisian

Advisian helps its clients respond to changing global conditions by leveraging the real-world experience and technical depth of our consultants to ensure your business is ready for the future. With a focus on asset intensive businesses that operate in the power, hydrocarbons, minerals, metals, chemicals and infrastructure sectors, we deliver the right team, with the best capabilities, to every client anywhere in the world. As the global advisory and consulting business line of the WorleyParsons Group, we offer a true end-to-end service that integrates strategy, management and technical consulting, moving seamlessly into proven delivery expertise. 

About WatershipBlue

WatershipBlue is a developer of mobile ship-based seawater desalination solutions.  We address one of the most important problems facing mankind - the global water crisis. Waterships are built by converting large, used tankers into platforms designed for the long-term production of water. Our products utilize fully proven technology in every aspect of their construction and operation. Waterships also offer many advantages over traditional land-based desalination plants including mobility and faster delivery. In particular, mobility allows us to solve aspects of the global water crisis that traditional land-based desalination plants can not address. We provide total customer solutions based on supplying water-as-a-service.