INTECSEA and Subsea Engineering Associates to jointly deliver Woodside’s Scarborough Export Pipeline Engineering

Nick Brown and SEA leadership

Following the recent award of the Woodside Scarborough Export Pipeline Engineering services scope, INTECSEA is pleased to announce the award of a subcontract to Subsea Engineering Associates (SEA).

SEA has been engaged to deliver digital pipeline engineering which will be fully integrated into the overall Scarborough Export Pipeline engineering delivery. INTECSEA and SEA look forward to driving value into the project’s execution through integration of INTECSEA’s global deep-water pipeline capability with the application of SEA’s ICETM digital engineering platform.

Woodside Scarborough location

Nick Brown, INTECSEA’s Location Director for APAC says: “It is great to have SEA onboard for this scope and to be able to assure project delivery using a fully integrated, 100% Perth-based, co-located team. This continues the INTECSEA-SEA relationship built during delivery of the Define Phase of this project.  By bringing together INTECSEA’s world-class deep water pipeline capability and SEA’s industry-leading digital engineering technology we will achieve a step change in engineering delivery value during execution of the Scarborough Export Trunkline project.”

Afton Galbraith, Managing Director, Subsea Engineering Associates agrees. “It is exciting to see the INTECSEA-SEA collaboration continuing.  We look forward to maximising the value of the SEA ICETM Platform, both in pipeline design efficiency and in enhancing the management of data throughout the project life-cycle, including data interfaces with Woodside and Woodside’s contractors.”