waterRIDE wins Excellence in Research and Innovation award

02 October 2018

waterRIDE – Advisian Digital’s floodplain management software – has won Stormwater Queensland’s Excellence in Research and Innovation award.

The award was presented for the development of an effective and fast flash flood forecasting system for Ipswich City Council. Stormwater Queensland’s Awards for Excellence are designed to encourage and celebrate excellence in the innovation, development, completion and management of stormwater projects and the people involved.

Developed in collaboration with Ipswich City Council and the Bureau of Meteorology (BoM), the winning solution leverages waterRIDE’s widely-used flood forecasting capability, and utilizes the BoM’s newly developed short-term rainfall and radar forecasting products. This provides emergency responders with reliable and fast insight on what an impending flash flood is likely to effect – people, community assets, property, or emergency evacuation routes.

“Flash floods can have a catastrophic effect on communities. They can happen with little to no warning over a short period, and can result in loss of life and severe damage to property and other community assets. It was important that we created a system that was able to, ahead of flooding and buying as much time as possible, rapidly provide emergency responders with the right information to plan their response accordingly,” said Cameron Druery, waterRIDE Manager.

Flood modelling of Ipswich City Council

Designed to integrate with Ipswich City Council’s existing waterRIDE-based riverine flood forecasting system, this solution has helped to mitigate uncertainty around how changes in rainfall would affect response efforts and has enabled other Councils to implement similar systems.

About waterRIDETM

waterRIDE allows users to easily and visually manage their flood risk, removing the complexity from highly-technical geographic information systems and flood modeling data. The platform helps users understand the behavior and impact of flooding by leveraging time-varying results, and providing the ability to interrogate flood model data without needing to be a flood modeler.

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