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Andrea Ruotolo to present at the LatAm Renewable Energy Forum

2 March 2018

Andrea Ruotolo – Senior Consultant, Smart & Distributed Energy – will be discussing “The Role of Distributed Energy Systems in Building a Resilient Grid” at CLER 2018.

Andrea Ruotolo will be both a presenter and panel member at CLER 2018 (The LatAm Renewable Energy Forum) in Buenos Aires on 14-16 March 2018.

This event brings together the market leaders in solar and wind industries, auction winners, finance and storage experts, as well as technology providers, regulators, developers and industry bodies in the Argentinian and Latin American renewables sector.

Latin America is poised to take on a prominent role in climate change and renewable energy in the global arena at the moment. Rapid spread of renewable energy in the region has fueled hope of a global transition to a low-carbon economy.

Growth of renewables in Latin America is forecast to be fueled by steady development of new projects and increased financial engagement by key players. Funding of these projects is crucial, providing unique opportunities for overseas investors to enter the market or expand market share.

Ruotolo comments, “This is an exciting time for infrastructure planners, utilities, and energy companies as they find ways to implement affordable, resilient, and sustainable energy systems. The move from fossil fuels to clean electrification in both power generation and the transport of people and materials, as well as the rapid proliferation of smart and distributed energy technologies, is only a few years away from a tipping point. The choices policy makers and energy companies make today will have a profound impact on the energy security of entire cities and nations in the years to come. Advisian is proud to participate in this event with CLER, and I am looking forward to the many discussions with colleagues and friends alike on what the future energy mix might look like for Argentina, and Latin America as a whole.”

As a leading consultancy serving the infrastructure and resources sectors, Advisian believes, on the basis of extensive research, that the world is on the verge of a major upheaval in how energy is produced and consumed. This will fundamentally reshape not only the energy industry but also many other aspects of economic activity and everyday life.

Event details

March 15, 2018 / 17:25 – 18:00

The panel: Clean energy development in LATAM going forward, will be discussing:

  • How do you see a new energy grid?
  • Removing the barriers to clean energy innovation.
  • Where will the next commercial opportunities come from? Best practice and tips for foreign investors to enter the market.
  • Which technical capabilities are necessary to improve developments in Argentina?
  • How will the market evolve with numerous suppliers involved in the industry?
  • Social and environmental aspects to consider.


Carlos St James, Board Member, Latin American & Caribbean Council on Renewable Energy; Director Strategic Development Latin America, Wood Group

Panel members:

  • Regina Ranieri, Business Development Manager, UL Renovables Argentina
  • Andrés Tahta, Executive Vice President, Argentina Investment & Trade Promotion Agency
  • Andrea Ruótolo, Senior Consultant - Smart and Distributed Energy, Advisian
  • Domenico Ravera, Sales Engineer Chile & South America, Turboden srl

March 16, 2018 / 14:45 – 15:15

Andrea Ruótolo, Senior Consultant - Smart and Distributed Energy, Advisian

The Role of Distributed Energy Systems (DES) in Building a Resilient Grid, will cover:

  • The role of distributed energy systems (DES: generation, storage, microgrids and intelligence) in building a smarter, cleaner and more resilient network in the face of climate change)
  • Lessons learned from New York’s Reforming the Energy Vision (REV) Proceeding, the most ground-breaking and multi-sector proceeding in the United States to integrate DES.
  • Defining new policies and business models for the utility of the future, also known as “Utility 2.0.”

Learn more about The LATAM Renewables Energy Forum.

To learn more about DERs, visit our web site: Distributed Energy Systems, or for any questions on our capabilities and services on Smart & Distributed Energy solutions, please contact:

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