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Advisian Digital's Aerial Data Management team participates in BPTT's 2017 Technology Showcase

1 March 2018

ADM is excited to bring industry leading, short and long endurance remotely piloted aviation systems (RPAS) to Trinidad & Tobago. Our strong local heritage, resident pilots, and established relationships with island operators has strategically positioned us to offer unmatched quality data capture safely and economically. Leveraging decades of aviation experience and prior RPAS beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) knowledge, ADM delivers consistent aerial surveys that hinge upon our internal safety management protocol to ensure aerial operations in the country’s airspace remains compliant within the guidelines of the Trinidad & Tobago Civil Aviation Authority.

Advisian Digital’s Aerial Data Management program provides clients with military-grade unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), advanced sensors, certified pilots, and powerful software tools to create visual, video, thermal and 3D-interactive products that can be leveraged during daily operations. WorleyParsons’ engineering and design expertise compliments ADM by further analyzing aerial data for the development of findings reports and field remediation plans, which assist operators in making better decisions toward achieving their economic and operational goals.

(The) ADM team has flown unmanned aircraft in Australia, Canada, Puerto Rico and the United States since 2011 and its applications stretch across all global industries including Hydrocarbons, Power, Telecommunications, Infrastructure, Environment, and the Minerals & Mining sectors.

Advisian Digital has been supporting BPTT with its efforts to improve operational efficiency , participating in planning workshops and, most recently, participating in their Technology Showcase .

Left to right: Digital Enterprise’s Nicholas Boodram, Event Facilitator Lyndon Mohess (BPTT’s VP, Safety & Operational Risk and local tag for the BP Modernization & Transformation Program), Digital Enterprise’s Jim Purvis and ADM’s Barrett Wendtland at the 2017 BPTT Technology Showcase.
Digitals Aerial Data Management Team

Advisian Digital commenced operations in Trinidad in 2017 with the award of the Caribbean Operation’s first Digital Maturity Assessment for Nu-Iron Unlimited, a division of the multinational steel giant Nucor Corporation and a producer of direct reduced iron located in the Point Lisas Industrial Estate in central Trinidad. Advisian Digital is currently in the process of kicking off the second phase of Nu-Iron’s Digital Transformation – Evaluate.