Longford Gas Plant opening

The Longford Gas Conditioning Plant was officially opened several weeks ago and we have intimately involved in its development.

The plant conditions gas from the offshore gas fields upstream of the three existing gas plants. CO2, H2S and mercury are removed from the gas stream to allow the three gas plants to maintain current operation.

The design of the plant was a joint project by our Monrovia and Melbourne offices. Monrovia executed the greenfield plant design while Melbourne worked on the brownfield tie-ins and plant infrastructure.

Advisian consultants at Longford gas plant
Left to right: Arlette Bruzzaniti – Project Engineer, Steve Cooper – Process Safety Lead, Andrew Nelson – Electrical Lead, David Wiedmann – Piping Lead, Tony Dickenson – Instrument/Telecoms Lead, Craig Reeves – Project Director, Steve Henzell – Brownfield Project Manager

Monrovia worked the greenfield plant design through to the end of FEED and this was passed onto CB&I to perform detailed design, procurement and construction. The FEED design was so good that CB&I barely made any changes. This can be seen in the images below where we have reality compared to the FEED design model.

This was very much a team effort between the two offices.

The brownfield work was a complete success - finishing within budget, delivered on time with no suprises. The brownfield work included a complete refurbishment of the plant electrical HV distribution system – completed with no downtime and no plant shutdowns.

Model of gas plant

We would also like to acknowledge the help of Arif Habibullah, Mario Theodorou and Kathy Hanley from our Monrovia office.

For more information, please contact Steve Henzell: steve.henzell@advisian.com