Advisian and WorleyParsons offer a new experience at the Trinidad and Tobago 2018 Energy Conference

18 January 2018

WorleyParsons’ Integrated Solutions, INTECSEA and Advisian’s Digital Enterprise are excited to present to you a new experience at the Trinidad and Tobago Energy Conference on the 22 – 24 January 2018.

With support from Advisian, WorleyParsons Trinidad will be a Silver Sponsor for the sixth year in a row at The Trinidad and Tobago Energy Conference being held at the Hyatt Regency in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad. The Trinidad and Tobago Energy Conference is the Caribbean region’s premier energy conference, promoting vigorous debate and discussion among leaders of industry, Government and academia.

The Energy Chamber of Trinidad and Tobago has chosen the theme “Maximizing Value through Collaboration” for this year’s Conference. It will feature keynote speakers and discussion panels that will highlight the issue of collaboration between stakeholders with the objective of maximizing value from hydrocarbon resources in the Caribbean region.

This year, WorleyParsons’ presence at the conference will offer some new features with the goal of creating an improved educational and interactive experience. Come to our breakout sessions and meet our global team of experts from both Advisian and WorleyParsons, either in person or virtually. These sessions will be geared toward introducing new ways to tackle some of the real-world problems being experienced in the operational arena and foster interactive discussions on how Advisian and WorleyParsons can assist in developing real solutions for our clients.

We’ll also be giving away some cool prizes at our booth and during the breakouts… Answer a question correctly and win something fun!

DAY 1: Monday 22 Jan 2018 (Hyatt Regency Hotel Mezzanine Level)

10.00 am – 5.00 pm: Visit the WorleyParsons booth and share with us some of your operational goals or even set-backs. We would love to help you create effective solutions and improve your service lines. There’ll be digital videos and presentations available at the booth to help you visualize your goals. Come be inspired by both people and technology!

DAY 2: Tuesday 23 Jan 2018 (Hyatt Regency Hotel, Toco Room)

10.00 am – 11.00 am: Certified Smart Drawings: a simpler, cheaper, faster way to control your capital outcomes (Andrew Manderson)

Certified Smart Drawings (CSDs) are a user-friendly electronic tool developed by WorleyParsons to review the entire scope of a work package in one location instead of flipping through multiple drawings. Its 3D framework provides the ability to view the design and existing features in three dimensions, which makes it easy to communicate the design intent to a wider audience, including non- technical people.

CSDs eliminate paperwork by creating one 3D smart drawing with dense electronic information that is easy to review and manage. Coordinate information embedded in the CSDs can be downloaded for interface with GPS-enabled earth movers such as bulldozers, graders, excavators and wheel loaders—a task traditionally done manually by an individual.

Automating the process not only saves time (and money) but also minimizes human error. The software is compatible for use with desktops, tablets and mobile devices, making it convenient for field use. All told, CSDs can significantly reduce deliverables, man-hours while simplifying turnover. Moreover, as the name suggests, CSDs are certified, meaning they can be used as legal documents and are fully auditable.

2.00 pm – 3.00 pm: Aerial Data Management and The Digital Enterprise  (Jim Purvis, Nick Boodram & Barrett Wendtland)

WorleyParsons’ Aerial Data Management (ADM) program provides clients with military-grade unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), advanced sensors, certified pilots, and powerful software tools to create visual, video, thermal and 3D-interactive products that can be leveraged during daily operations. Our engineering and design expertise compliments ADM by further analyzing aerial data for the development of findings reports and field remediation plans, which assist operators in making better decisions toward achieving their economic and operational goals.

ADM has flown unmanned aircraft in Australia, Canada, Puerto Rico and the United States since 2011 and our applications stretch across all global industries including Hydrocarbons, Power, Telecommunications, Infrastructure, Environment, and the Minerals & Mining sectors.

DAY 3: Wednesday 24 Jan 2018 (Hyatt Regency Hotel, Point Fortin Room)

9:30 am – 10:30 am: Asset Integrity Management: ensuring a fit-for-purpose implementation (Kirsten Oliver)

In this presentation we will highlight some of the key factors that need to be addressed for Operators and assets to ensure the implementation of a fit-for-purpose Asset Integrity Management System (AIMS) that meets corporate requirements within practical limitations. We will discuss the core elements of Asset Integrity and outline a process for the successful implementation of an AIMS that can be embedded into the operating organization to drive improvements in production, safety and reliability.

11.00 am – 12.00 pm: Modifications, Maintenance and Operations: maximizing value through predictable performance (Neil Cobban)

This presentation introduces the Caribbean to the world of Modifications, Maintenance & Operations within WorleyParsons, and discuss the challenges experienced across the industry in recent years. We will reflect on the capability within the organization to deliver across these areas, and share the processes and tools we use to maximize performance across a range of project phases. We will introduce you to new, innovative ways to work and maximize delivery efficiency in day-to-day operations across the industry, using examples from some key projects.

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If you’ve registered as a delegate and you’re especially interested in safety related issues in asset integrity, make sure you take in the Safety and Asset Integrity discussion featuring INTECSEA’s Brian McShane from 2.15pm on Tuesday (Day Two).

Learn more about the 2018 Trinidad and Tobago Energy Conference and register now!

Important note: Attendance at the Tradeshow is free for invited guests and will be at a fee of TT$ 20.00 for walk-in visitors. Please call Jackie at +1 868 678-8287 if you’d like to receive a personalized invitation. We look forward to seeing you there!