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Advisian sponsors World Congress Energy and Mines conference

25 November 2017

Advisian is proud to sponsor the Energy and Mines World Congress in Toronto on 27-28 November 2017.

Now in its fifth year, the Energy and Mines World Congress is a global meeting place for senior mining, new energy, government, and finance experts to explore resilient, cost-effective and low-carbon energy solutions for mines.

The theme of this year’s congress – Decarbonizing the Mining Sector – will include informative sessions on topics such as: how energy and carbon priorities are shaping the mining business, impacts of climate change on energy choices, and digital innovation with renewables and energy storage deployment. In addition, TED-style talks from the energy leaders of five different mining companies will take place – each discussing their views on energy usage in the mines of the future. Advisian’s John Matthiesen – Vice President, Power and New Energy, Americas – will chair the panel discussion following these TED-style talks.

“This is an exciting time for mining companies as they find ways to implement affordable, resilient, and sustainable energy systems into their projects. The move from fossil fuels to clean electrification in both power generation and the transport of people and materials is only a few years away from reaching a tipping point. The choices that mining companies make today will have a profound impact on their energy security in the operating years to come. The Energy and Mines World Congress has become a leading venue for leaders in the industry to share ideas, best practices, and hear from experts in the energy sector. For a second year, Advisian is proud to sponsor this event in Toronto, and I am looking forward to the many discussions with colleagues and friends alike on what the future energy mix might look like for their projects, and the industry as a whole,” says John Matthiesen - Vice President, Power and New Energy, Americas.

As a leading consultancy serving the infrastructure and resources sectors, Advisian believes, on the basis of extensive research, that the world is on the verge of a major upheaval in how energy is produced and consumed. This will fundamentally reshape not only the energy industry but also many other aspects of economic activity and everyday life.

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