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Advisian holds panel discussion on Autonomous Vehicles in New Zealand

01 December 2017

Advisian held a panel discussion in Wellington today to launch its latest Autonomous Vehicles thought paper, Autonomous Vehicles: Do we know which road to take?

Attended by leaders from government, industry and business, guests were treated to an engaging panel discussion where panelists shared their thoughts on: the international challenges and opportunities for Autonomous Vehicles; expectations for the future for rideshare/car-share; and the law changes recommended to allow Autonomous Vehicles to operate in New Zealand.

Our panelists were:

  • Prof. Travis Waller, Advisian’s Professor of Transport Innovation - Director of the Research Centre of Integrated Transport Innovation, UNSW (Sydney), and co–author of the paper

  • Erik Zydervelt, Founding Director and CEO, Mevo

  • Michael Cameron, the Law Foundation’s 2016 international research fellow

Advisian’s Lynley Hutton, Senior Associate, said "With autonomous vehicles just around the corner, the focus of today’s event was to bring people together and share thinking about what this means for the future. Panelists and participants explored issues that contribute to creating tomorrow’s world. There was such strong interest in continuing the conversations that we will run a half day workshop next year.”

Advisian’s AV paper, co-authored by UNSW’s rCITI and Infrastructure Partnerships Australia, offers a number of recommendations for government to consider when looking at the future transition to AVs.

Download the full paper.