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Advisian China wins more work with the China Renewable Energy Engineering Institute

The China Renewable Energy Engineering Institute (CREEI) was one of the first research and advisory bodies established by China’s National Energy Administration.

CREEI’s remit is to provide technical support and public services around renewable energy in a number of areas, including policy making, standards setting, design review, and quality control.

Recently, CREEI was requested to undertake a planning study for a pilot biogas development in a county in north China. This project is part of the China Renewable Energy Scale-up Program (CRESP), which is funded by the Chinese Government, World Bank and Global Environmental Fund.

To successfully accomplish the task, CREEI needed a strong knowledge of relevant renewable policies as well as a keen understanding of local conditions at the proposed site. Since it is the first time for CREEI to formulate this kind of biogas development plan, they sought a suitable consultant with relevant international experience in developing similar plans that could be applicable to China, and who could recommend robust technical economic analysis tools to help them identify the best biogas option.

Advisian proposed an integrated project team from Advisian China and Australia to undertake the study. Our proposal also included utilising our in-house EcoNomics™ Assessment process and DELTΔ™ software. The EcoNomics™ Assessment is the foremost decision-making support tool in evaluating the impacts of options, projects, or policies by quantifying the associated social, economic and environmental issues in monetary terms, and showing their influences on the decision-making processes.

The advantage of the EcoNomics™ process and DELTA™ toolset was highly recognised by CREEI to support their technological economic analysis of biogas development options. This would allow them to formulate the most appropriate policy recommendation and commercial model for the pilot biogas development.

The China team will take the lead in terms of local data collection, site investigation, EcoNomics™ DELTΔ™ modelling analysis, as well as client relationships and expectation management. The Australian team will be providing references of biogas technologies in other developed countries.

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