Advisian's Power/New Energy group signs MoU with Ventolines NL

08 December 2016

Advisian's Power/New Energy group is proud to announce the recent signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Ventolines NL.

The purpose of the MoU is a win-win situation, providing Ventolines access to wind energy projects worldwide, while at the same time providing Advisian with complementary wind energy knowledge and skills.

Ventolines brings to Advisian its unique European experience and subject-matter expertise. Advisian will provide Ventolines the advantage of its global presence and reach, plus expertise in all renewable projects including wind, solar, geothermal, hydro and integrated storage.

Ventolines is a leading agency in the dynamic wind energy market with expertise in all wind project phases, from development through construction and operations. Their experience includes consultancy to complete project management for the smallest to the largest wind projects in the Netherlands, both onshore and offshore. With an experienced team of wind specialists, Ventolines is able to assist owners in the realization of reliable and robust projects with maximum yield. Ventolines has been involved in providing construction management and electrical and quality advisory services to the Block Island Wind Farm developed by Deepwater Wind; North America's first offshore wind project. They have worked for major clients such as Windpark Westermeermeerwind and NOP Agrowind (both part of Windpark Noordoostpolder), Windpark Fryslân, and ECN Wind Energy Facilities.

Neil Mackintosh Advisian's Executive Vice President commented that, "Our new relationship with Ventolines strengthens Advisian's position as one the world's leading sources of renewable energy consultancy and engineering services."

Anne De Groot, CEO of Ventolines added that, "Working with Advisian adds great value to Ventolines and opens up opportunities to execute some great projects throughout the world."

As this is an area where Advisian wants to grow its presence, this partnership is quite complementary with regards to each party's specific skill sets.

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