Advisian and CSUN sign MoU to bring solar solutions to the APAC region

12 December 2016

As a leading manufacturer of solar cells and modules, CSUN has a long history in the photovoltaic (PV) industry and is well known for their outstanding innovation, efficiency and quality. CSUN’s commitment to improving the efficiency of their PV cells and modules has seen their solar solutions become more competitive against traditional electricity generation, and their 10-year product and a 25-year linear performance guarantees are backed by leading insurance companies.

CSUN is closely affiliated with the China Electric Equipment Group (CEEG) which has an enviable reputation of being one of the top two manufacturers of electrical transformers in China. CSUN and CEEG have existing manufacturing facilities in China, Vietnam, Egypt and South Korea, and is currently building one of the largest solar PV plants in the USA.

The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) will see Advisian and CSUN work together in a non-exclusive relationship, cooperating closely to help grow each business. We see tremendous value in this relationship, with the incredible potential of solar PV in China and abroad. Both Advisian and CSUN have a strategic focus in new energy, which is where we believe we can add significant value to each other’s operations.

Two areas already identified where Advisian will work closely with CSUN and CEEG is in operational efficiency and storage. Current efficiency levels from CSUN’s solar PV run at 80% - and we’re hoping we can help them increase that to 90% to help them further compete against traditional generation. Further, our experience in energy storage technologies is of substantial interest to CSUN. Other areas we see collaboration potential include our experience in modularisation and the ability to showcase CSUN’s technology to our oil and gas, and mining clients.

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