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Water Resources

Water is a finite natural resource. Advisian provides strategic and innovative solutions to clients around the globe to provide assessment and understanding of water resources and develop plans that drive efficient use of this precious resource.

Over 97 percent of global water is held within the oceans and frozen icecaps. With only 3 percent of the water on earth being fresh water and available to use, Advisian’s clients today face growing pressures in water management throughout the water lifecycle, from sourcing to treatment to safe disposal, including re-use.

In the context of increasing competition for water and other natural resources, Advisian’s team of water experts support our clients across their entire water cycle to drive efficiencies in water use throughout their facility.

With increasing frequencies of extreme storm events, our clients' facilities and towns are faced with growing pressures from swelling rivers that leave devastation in their wake. Our river engineering experts provide services around the globe to assess the threat and risk of flooding and provide advisory and design services to implement emergency response and mitigation services that allow our clients to take a proactive approach rather than react in a time of chaos.

Worley's innovative platform waterRIDE©, allows our clients to visualize the impacts of storm threats that have not yet occurred (assess storm surge from a tropical storm still days off coast), allowing them to prioritize and manage their response and protection efforts before the threat materializes.

For all of your water resources needs, Advisian has the right team to provide innovative and strategic solutions to real work problems.