Power Specialist Services

Electricity poles and wires

Whether it’s for renewable generation, energy storage or conventional generation projects, our Power Specialist Services consultants provide technical, economic and system study analysis to clients, providing clarity of purpose to remove any doubt or uncertainty often common with large, complex projects.

Powering projects

We help clients interpret the electrical power systems that power their projects, providing input into planning decisions, an analysis of system performance and incidents, and identifying system constraints and business strategies to:

  • Support investment decisions by asset owners and developers

  • Support regulatory decisions

  • Determine system settings and parameters for generation and network assets

Unlike many others, Advisian builds customised models for specific applications, covering the key economic and technical considerations of your project that identify any ‘show stoppers’ or ‘show limiters’. We then build on this through our deep knowledge of power system requirements to help facilitate a trouble-free study and a successful connection of your project to the grid. Through this approach you’ll have access to an unlimited exploration of scenarios, built-in sensitivity analysis and access to a knowledge database of similar projects.

Our services include:

  • Electrical engineering
  • Substation design
  • Power station design
  • Transmission line design
  • Analysis of power networks
  • Energy storage
  • Software development
  • Mathematical modelling
  • Data science
  • Market analysis

In addition to traditional power system study tools, we’ve developed in-house tools to:

  • Determine statistical load flows
  • Create power system visualisations and animations
  • Conduct market analysis

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