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Our approach to complex problems is to apply our creative thinking, use clever methods and tools to deliver clear quantifiable results.

We use a blend of innovative technologies to solve complex problems

Our approach to complex problems is to apply our creative thinking, use clever methods and tools to deliver clear quantifiable results.

We use a customised blend of tools to achieve your goal, including recognised software and proprietary Ingen technology. With our technical expertise and in-house software developers, we can provide customised software solutions. Some of the tools developed and actively used are given below.


Quantify and substantiate your strategic decisions quickly, with Ingen’s approach to Risk And Value Engineering (RAVE™). Integrating models of all the key areas for a field development study, our proprietary software RAVE™ incorporates a full pressure network solution including constraints on deliverability.

The optimisation algorithm maximises point-by-point production and value, including gas-lift optimisation, all within the resource constraints imposed at the facility. The model allows thousands of simulations to be run to test all the options, risks and parameters; over the complete life-of-field.

Without performing any detailed engineering, you can identify the optimum value and identify the primary risks on a project or business model. The method enables effective collaborative problem solving across all disciplines, as well as rapid identification and ranking of alternative investment options.

RAVE™ can also be used with our Carbon Balance programme to calculate the carbon footprint of system components from project initiation to abandonment.

Energy & Emissions Software

Ingen have developed a unique blend of software to manage all aspects of emissions and energy use (including forecasting and remote monitoring of energy & emissions).


Our web based project screening system APRASE (Asset Project Ranking And Screening Evaluation), empowers operators and service companies to screen and rank opportunities based on user defined properties, typically risk, achievability and value. This allows quick and thorough identification of the most fit-for-purpose set of options.

Created by Ingen, APRASE calculations and criteria are fully customisable, and can be integrated with other project management tools. The system is designed to align with the stage gate decision-making process, allowing for clearer decisions and planning.

As a web-based tool it can be used simultaneously by internal and external stakeholders to capture, share and rank ideas across the technical and commercial disciplines within the project, asset or organisation.

SAFEstart (Simulated Asset and Facilities Exercise)

Created by Ingen, our best-in-class, real-time simulation and training delivery (SAFEstart) offers customisable approach to operator training for new developments and complex fields, building operator confidence prior to live management of operations.

By enabling a step-by-step virtual guide to field operations in a controlled environment, operators have a higher probability of identifying and mitigating unforeseen issues. SAFEstart can be used to identify potentially costly and time consuming errors, offline with minimal impact to critical path operations.

The SAFEstart interface links complex subsurface, pipeline and facilities models to seamlessly create a realistic control room operational environment. Existing models can be utilized, including HYSYS and OLGA.

Cool-Down Tool

Our cool-down tool is created using Microsoft Excel and enables a fast and accurate calculation of the no touch time at points of interest in a subsea system. The tool considers all aspects of the development from the wells to the host facility, including: produced fluid compositions, water analysis, geometry and insulation and well and ESP design.

The graphical user interface (GUI), built into the tool, effectively displays the results of the no-touch-time (NTT) calculation and allows the user to easily update the model to consider different operating conditions. Therefore, the tool can be used in-house repeatedly without having to call in specialists for each different scenario that arises, saving time and money.

The tool can be used during operation to help determine the governing NTT at the current operating conditions. This is useful in the case of a planned/unplanned shutdown or when something unexpected happens, such as a blockage or an ESP failing. The tool can also be used to carry out sensitivities testing and is especially useful when there are too many variables for a simple algorithm.

Virtual Flare

Under EU ETS regulations, offshore oil and gas operating platforms flare metering uncertainty must be better than +/- 12½%. Offshore platforms that do not meet this criteria may require new or additional metering. This potentially has high cost and may require a shutdown to implement with consequent loss of production.

We have developed a ‘Virtual Meter’ software tool whereby using ‘real-time’ process operating data including flare valve positions, operating conditions and installed valve design data, the actual flows through each valve to flare may be calculated automatically then totalled on a daily basis.

Using Monte Carlo uncertainty modelling and using the suggested propagation law as described in the Official Journal of the European Union, the overall modelling uncertainty is typically estimated as -9% to +12½% (although this may vary from platform to platform). This is within the EU ETS target of +/- 12½% and has been accepted by DECC.

Once modelled, the ‘Virtual Flare’ is benchmarked against current production conditions to ensure a good match. The model is then handed over to our client who runs the model periodically based on a frequency of their choosing.

Other Software

In addition to our in-house tools, Ingen have users proficient in using the following software products:

– Abaqus

– Aspen HYSYS

– AutoCad

– Caesar II

– Flarenet

– Flaresim

– Fledermaus

– Infochem multiflash

– Mathcad

– Offpipe


– Pipesim

– Que$tor


– Sage

– Stoner Pipeline

– Simulator

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