FLEXAS Accelerated Solver

FLEXAS Accelerated Solver

Highly efficient solver to facilitate complex simulations

Simulation of complex and large-scale Finite Element (FE) models run into major computational challenges. Even with modern hardware, modelling at high fidelity can be impractical or severely limited. 

FLEXASTM changes that. As a proprietary solver for large-scale FE models, it was designed to overcome common computational challenges. A novel framework - known as Nonlinear Dynamic Substructuring (NDS) - enables simulation of reduced order models comprising efficient numerical representations of the original, with no loss in fidelity.

Benefits and efficiencies of the framework stem from the following: 

  • Orders of magnitude reduction in the size of the simulations 
  • Algorithms that selectively update portions undergoing a “state” change 
  • “Specialized” nonlinearities requiring unique solution procedures contained within the substructure level without impacting global solution
  • Fully implicit solutions even at global system configurations with contact and dynamics, instead of less accurate explicit solutions
  • Strict solution controls and enforcement for improved accuracy
FLEXAS images FLEXAS images

Our Solution/Approach

The FLEXASTM solutions delivers computational efficiencies and benefits over traditional simulations, in both accuracy and speed such as: 

  • Enabling simulation of large scale coupled systems – rather than the traditional approach of isolated systems with discrete boundaries 
  • Increasing modelling details without the traditional simulation time penalty – improving accuracy and productivity 
  • Facilitating increased number of simulation load cases and sensitivities for reduced uncertainty and risk


Stationary and non-stationary random vibrations

  • Frequency-based inputs (input/output PSD signals)
  • Full frequency spectrum (dynamics to acoustics)
    • Acoustic driven vibrations
    • Stochastic fatigue
    • Floating systems structural dynamics
    • Pressure vessel FIV
    • Pipeline/Jumper FIV & VIV
    • Rotordynamic

Nonlinear Dynamics

  • Time-domain nonlinear dynamics with inertial effects and contact
    • Flexible risers and umbilicals
    • Complex connectors

Dropped Objects (Multiphysics)

  • Combined nonlinear dynamics, flexible-body dynamics, and contact with fluid-structure interaction
  • High-fidelity dynamic simulations to predict object fall trajectories – quantified risk for subsea assets
  • Blind validation at NASA Neutral Buoyancy Lab