Delivering increased operational efficiencies through rapid and consistent access to data.

Tomorrow’s world in spatial data

Clients are facing increasing challenges in managing their spatial data across all project phases. Advisian’s Geomatics Engineering team helps projects and clients leverage spatial information to make better informed decisions in design, engineering, construction, and operations.

Any project dealing with assets in a spatial context - in any project phase - will benefit from Geomatics. Our team takes a lifecycle approach to Geographic Information Systems (GIS) on projects, and structures are put in place at inception that will be robust throughout the lifetime of the project.

Advisian’s Geomatics team provides a full suite of geographic data management, mapping, visualization, and analytical services alongside tools for retrieval of key site and field data.

This holistic approach enables efficient data creation and management with improved information access and a tangible efficiency benefit to clients, engineers, and managers.

Our data-centric workflows increase the potential for project success through agile and responsive systems to aid decision makers.

Our core services include:

  • Data management, analysis and presentation
  • Automatic alignment sheet generation
  • Web Application Development and systems integration
  • Digital field: structured data modelling including Pipeline Open Data Standard (PODS) models and Seabed Survey Data Models (SSDM)
  • Asset integrity data management
  • Integrated support for engineering and consulting disciplines
  • Cartography and web mapping


Advisian’s Geographic Information System (GIS) architecture utilises web technology to manage the delivery of geospatial data to a project team via an internet-based geo-portal, known as ProjectSight. ProjectSight can be accessed over the internet via secured access enabling project stakeholders to access key project information regardless of office location and without the need for GIS software or technical experience.

ProjectSight offers projects a number of time-saving benefits:

  • Data is available on ProjectSight immediately after it is updated, and remains available 24 hours a day
  • Project stakeholders can directly reproduce maps and drawings from the portal
  • “Redlining” functionality allows end users to draw and write directly to the map
  • Turnaround times for data queries are reduced thanks to the self-service approach

Advisian can mobilise ProjectSight on to project in a matter of days and can host the web portal for the duration of the project lifecycle. ProjectSight is designed to be hosted wherever the client prefers.

The platform is a modular web GIS and can be readily extended if the project requires. We retain developers who work closely with projects to ensure any additional development requirements can be rapidly executed. Only relevant modules that benefit the project are utilized at the various stages of the project lifecycle, making ProjectSight a time and cost-effective solution.

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