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Nu Nenne Advisian Environmental

Cold Lake with trees on its banks.

Delivering better outcomes.

Our partnership with Nu Nenne LP, a Cold Lake First Nations (CLFN) business venture provides environmental consulting services within the extensive homeland of the CLFN, located in Northern Alberta and Saskatchewan, Canada. We’ve named this partnership Nu Nenne Advisian Environmental (NAE).

Pushing for better outcomes

We created this partnership to deliver world-class environmental and geoscience services within the extensive homeland of CLFN.

We are collaborating for better outcomes. Better outcomes for our clients. Better outcomes for the CLFN community. And better outcomes for the land, including all of its diverse inhabitants.

Focus areas of the partnership include environment, water, geoscience, decommissioning & restoration. Additional service offerings include power, new energy, transportation, technology, and beyond.

The intent of NAE is to build a collaborative business model that supports CLFN’s community goals of capacity development, integrating their cultural and environmental worldviews, and develop a sustainable environmental business opportunity.

Our people's existence ties directly to Nu Nenne, which translates to 'our land' in our Dene language.

Rob Machatis, NAE Director and CLFN member

Working towards a better future for our land

NAE will contribute to the protection and restoration of Nu Nenne, with CLFN members earning a livelihood through their work with NAE.

Over the long term our goal is to provide sustainable career opportunities for CLFN members while supporting our clients in their goal of environmental stewardship.

This partnership brings together the technical expertise of Advisian’s Environment & Water service line with CLFN’s connection to the local environment and community.

Contact us today to learn how we can create better outcomes for your project.

Darren Frederick, Nu Nenne Environmental
P: +1 780 815 3987

Mark Greenhalgh, Advisian
P: +1 403 247 0200

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