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Sensible, cost-effective geoscience solutions you can depend on over the long-term.

Reacting to a shifting global landscape

These are challenging times. As we push to develop assets in support of sustainable development and the energy transition, we need to address some very complex issues. Accelerated changes to our environment like changing weather patterns, rising sea levels, erosion, foundation flaws, and other geological risks need to be considered.

Increased public and government scrutiny will be another hurdle to face. For example, there has been a push to create a Global Industry Standard on Tailings Management in the wake of a catastrophic tailings dam failure.

Our clients, whether owners or operators, all have one thing in common. They rise to the challenge.

Everything constructed interfaces with the ground 

So, it’s clear that geological risks, or geo-risks, can affect your project. This can happen at any point throughout the project lifecycle. On-or-offshore, geo-risks pose some of the greatest cost and schedule risks in asset development.

Our mission is to make it easy to understand and manage any unexpected site conditions or unplanned changes that geo-risks create. We provide the data you need to help you make wise decisions by:

  • improving your understanding of risks through site characterization
  • interpreting site data so that you can understand the geological features on your site
  • supporting your design development by factoring in geo-risks

In short, if you’re facing geological challenges, we can help. We identify project requirements, undertake studies, and provide comprehensive designs and advice.

PhDs with dirt under our nails

Our diverse team of highly qualified scientists and engineers all share one thing. A passion for the earth. We’re contributing members of national geoscience organizations, and avid supporters of philanthropic programs like geoscientists without borders. Most of all we can’t wait to get out there and start digging in on the next big project challenge.

Safety is our top priority, especially when it comes to tailings

Tailings Storage Facilities need to be carefully monitored and maintained to prevent toxic leaks and major disasters. No doubt, our mining clients know of the recent failures and increased global scrutiny on the structural integrity of tailings structures. We support the wisdom behind creating a new Global Industry Standard on Tailings Management (GISTM).

Our tailings specialists offer practical design guidance, construction quality control, quality assurance, operational monitoring services and technical advisory for closure.

Bringing holistic solutions to design and construction challenges

We know infrastructure. Whether it’s a foundation, retaining wall, slope or excavation, roads, tunnels, pipelines, or dam. From refinery to wind farm, we speed up development timeframes without sacrificing quality or safety in the process.

Innovation is driven by understanding every angle of the solution. This is why we work hand-in-hand across diverse disciplines throughout Advisian and the Worley Group.

By innovating we’ll deliver optimized outcomes and a more sustainable world. Together.

By the numbers

35+ 40+ 15,000+ 500km
years delivering innovative Geosciences solutions safely to thousands of clients countries across the globe with clients benefiting from the value we bring to their market sectors projects where we’ve significantly enhanced our clients’ understanding of geotechnical challenges and reduced geo-risk of borehole core drilled to depths as great as 800m to develop detailed project geotechnical models

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