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Decommissioning and closure

Aging offshore oil rig

Delivering modern end-of-asset-life solutions.

Market analysts peg the potential cost for decommissioning from 2020 to 2023 at $23 Billion. We’re here to help you minimize your share of these costs and reduce your liabilities.

It’s worth adding that this estimate was made before COVID-19, the OPEX price war and subsequent price crash. Forecasts predict this spend will increase even further given the energy transition.

What's more, operators are facing increasing scrutiny as environmental, societal, and regulatory requirements pile on top of the already massive challenge that lies ahead.

Most companies have provisional funds set aside for decommissioning. We can help you wipe these costs of your books. Reducing conservatism and increasing cost certainty.

Over the past 40 years, we’ve led the charge

We’ve done this by simplifying complexity, crafting risk strategies, and testing out new technologies. And we’ve done this in support of thousands of closure projects.

Through this work we’ve saved our clients over $500 million USD.

We’ve been framework consultants for National Grid for 25 years, assessing hundreds of sites slated for closure across the UK.

We’ve been working with a large oil producer in Canada’s far north for over 30 years, supporting with geotechnical investigations, environmental assessments, remediation, surface reclamation, and continual monitoring on their path to closure.

We’ve advised the Australian government on the most efficient path forward for to decommission hundreds of aging offshore oil and gas assets placed on the seven basins surrounding those shores.

Squeezing value out of non-capital producing projects

Closure projects don’t typically generate cash. But companies that get it right are paid in another form of currency: social license. In a time where boycotts have evolved into mass protests, cancel culture, and the twitter mob, social license to operate is critical for your business to thrive.

We enable social license from concept to closure and beyond – preparing the site for reuse on the next concept.

Are you prepared for the road ahead?

Front-end work can include pre-planning for decommissioning and closure. In late stages we help clients develop their options and decide whether to remove or repurpose. For example, could a retired refinery site be repurposed into a state-of-the-art bio-fuels facility?

Let’s find out together.


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