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Electrical towers, light bulb and electricity

Powering the future we want.

The electrical sector is going through massive changes. Demand is increasing. Investment in electrical power is set to outpace investment in oil and gas. And the transition to renewable electricity is taking off.

It’s a time of flux and uncertainty. Thankfully, electrification is rocking the boat in all the right ways. It’s bringing us closer to the Paris climate targets. And it’s an opportunity for us to use energy more efficiently through technologies like smart grids, the internet of things, artificial intelligence and automation.

Reducing emissions while driving innovation

As these technologies mature and come down in cost, more of our energy will come from renewables. We’ll increase our power capacity by replacing fossil fuels with renewable electricity at scale. And in turn, integrate new and exciting technologies. So, when the time is right, we can electrify everything and make real steps for a low carbon future.

We’re working on solutions in every sector

We’re at the forefront of renewable solutions for power generation. We’re displacing diesel fuel from mining fleets with electrification technology. We’re electrifying offshore oil and gas platforms using offshore wind. We’re working on renewables to power midstream compressing processing stations to increase their sustainability. And we’ve completed many studies looking at electrification technologies such as electric boilers and drives in the oil and gas sector.

We’re also looking at technologies to help store renewable power for sustainable supply.

Partnering with you on the critical first steps

Across all our projects, one theme is at the heart of what we do: a multi-discipline approach. We consider everything from technology to environmental and regulatory. And we work with you from the beginning, looking at different options, conducting feasibility studies and mapping out strategies to achieve your goals.