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Circular economy

Solar panels, wind turbines and the Earth's globe

Making the shift to a circular economy.

Right now, we don’t recycle enough. At home. At work. Commercially or industrially.

From batteries, and plastics, to bio waste and metal – the opportunities are endless. But the value is in more than just reusing and recycling.

It’s in creating systems that don’t take more from the environment. And where everything we produce goes back into creating something else. Like turning a polystyrene coffee cup into styrene and back into polystyrene to be used as a yogurt container.

But how do you change how people think about the resources they use? And how do you get from where we are now to a world that creates and uses only what it needs?

Creating solutions that use waste as a resource

We look at everything we do in an interconnected way – and treat every project as an opportunity to contribute to a sustainable future. Supporting the shift to use yesterday’s waste as today’s innovative feedstocks. Expanding battery recycling so we can recover metals to reuse in other products. And helping businesses of every size to commercialize new technologies for circular systems.

Much of this involves new thinking.

So how do we take new ideas and make them a reality?

Connecting the dots for a circular future

We bring insight from across the energy, chemicals and resources sectors to find solutions for a circular economy. We identify options, develop concepts and implement strategic plans to get there. And we’re finding solutions that are not only financially robust but technically feasible, so they’ll hold up in the real world.

We’re setting out the path to a circular economy alongside our partners. Together we'll close the loop.

Industrial circular economy and recycled plastics - next-steps