Asset Integrity


The ability of an asset to perform its required function effectively and efficiently whilst safeguarding life and the environment

Asset Integrity Services

Integrity and Risk Based Inspection (RBI)

  • Development of risk directed inspection and maintenance programmes
  • Preparation of corrosion management/mitigation systems
  • Risk analysis for remaining life assessment
  • Safety case and statutory risk assessments
  • Facilities inspection for condition monitoring
  • QA/QC fabrication inspection

Cathodic Protection

  • Detailed CP design
  • Preparation of feasibility and cost estimates
  • Tender evaluation
  • Site survey and testing
  • Construction inspection
  • Commissioning
  • Assessment of regulatory compliance
Cathodic Protection
Pipelines | Tanks (internal and external) | Wharves and Jetties | Concrete structures

Corrosion and Materials

  • Development of corrosion management systems, philosophies and procedures
  • Preparation of material selection reports and material selection diagram
  • Corrosion rate assessment
  • ECE5 Corrosion Rate Prediction software
  • Failure investigations
  • Welding advice
  • Microbial corrosion studies


  • Coating specifications
  • Coating selection
  • Coating failure investigations
  • Structures and pipelines both onshore and offshore
  • Surveillance of factory applied coating systems
  • Conventional coating systems for plant/equipment
  • FBE and 3LPE/LPP for pipelines
  • Insulation (hot and cold)
  • Thermally sprayed zinc and aluminium

Safety Case Support

To support your safety case and management of your major hazard facility, Advisian can define and implement asset integrity management plans.

  • Development of integrity management frameworks
  • Definition of Integiry Managemnet System requirements
    • Inspection and Testing Plans
    • KPI Definitions
    • Bow tie and Barrier Modely development
    • Integiry Audits
safety case support

Integrity of Coastal Infrastructure

With support from our global technical team of marine structural engineers, we can assist you in the condition assessment and management of your critical coastal infrastructure.;
Integrity of Coastal Infrastructure