Our story

When the hype around big data, the internet of things and the commoditization of engineering started to ramp up, we realized we had two options – allow Worley to fall behind or find ways for it to enable us. After all, if we didn’t embrace digital change, we couldn’t compete or help our clients stay one step ahead.

So we embarked on a digital transformation learning journey…

People work shopping on a whiteboard

Digital transformation isn't as simple as introducing new technology

Our initial enthusiasm and decisions resulted in many failures and learnings. We installed technology that made five people’s jobs easier and 2,000 people’s jobs harder. We asked people to provide information and then used it against them. We also learnt very quickly that the market will always out-innovate any single company like ourselves. But perhaps the key discovery was that digital transformation is not as simple as introducing new technologies. While we were trying to change how we worked, we discovered that looking internally within Worley was too narrow, which is why we created Advisian Digital.

Don't be fooled by 'tech hype'

Providing services and solutions to the industrial world, Advisian Digital is constantly learning. We bring this knowledge back to Worley where we use our strong understanding of the engineered asset, and learnings from our operations throughout the world, across multiple industry sectors, to separate what is a practical solution versus ‘tech hype’. We then partner with universities, multi-nationals from other industries, technology start-ups, venture capitalists and our clients, to connect known problems to known solutions. Where a solution doesn’t exist, we create one.

Every day we use our ingenuity and passion to drive forward not just our own digital transformation but our clients’, too. We’re here to help you meet the world’s changing resources and energy needs… in a digital way.