Digital products

Our digital products help you create business value by facilitating your ability to capture and leverage data to enable machine or human decision making, driving the right action at the right time. They’ve been created to address specific and known industry challenges through efficient decision making and action – completely machine or computer automated, or working in concert with the human worker.


3D printed  parts for the energy and resources industry, whenever and wherever you need them.

Access to 3D printing means that clients can reduce costs, eliminate waste, simplify supply chains and improve production facilities. Working with our joint venture partners, Aurora Labs, to combine engineering and 3D printing expertise, we engineer an entire solution, specific to your business – from analysis and design through to final production and deployment.




Automatically extract, analyze and govern your data

Assure is a data warehouse solution that extracts your live data from multiple applications and moves it into a cloud-based platform where it can be deployed into other systems for integration, visualization or analysis. Find the information you need, trust the result and know your data is secure.


Person looking at data - Assure


The world’s first remote-controlled commercial catalyst removal robot.

Until now, catalyst unloading has typically been performed using waterflooding, which leaves the issue of how to dispose of the contaminated water, or by catalyst contractors who enter the vessel equipped with breathing apparatus, because the nitrogen atmosphere does not support life. CAROL is the world’s first remote-controlled commercial catalyst removal robot, significantly reducing the need for people inside vessels or waterflooding, which increases efficiency and reduces risk.



Fugitive Emissions

Find and quantify leaks fast with our accurate fugitive emissions platform.

Utilizing the latest artificial and object recognition technology, Advisian Digital’s fugitive emissions platform provides a more accurate and quantifiable option for leak identification and monitoring, helping you to minimize loss of production, reduce total emission costs over the life of your asset, prioritize leak repairs and ensure regulatory compliance.




Rapidly and accurately detects ore grades using magnetic resonance technology.

NextOre brings to market a cost effective and sustainable next generation bulk ore sorting analyser for large-scale ore sorting. Taking advantage of magnetic resonance technology, NextOre’s analyzer rapidly identifies ore grades so large volumes of gangue can be rejected before entering a plant – significantly reducing the amount of energy and water you need for processing.



Your online industrial surplus marketplace – built for supply chain professionals, by supply chain and technology professionals.

Requis brings buyers and sellers together in an online global marketplace. Sell redundant physical assets and stay capital efficient. Buy surplus with confidence thanks to transparent pricing and detailed asset data. Or trade your existing assets your way and identify and balance deficits and surpluses to remove the procurement requirement.





Make better HSE decisions using artificial intelligence.

Advisian Digital has combined forces with SaltGrid, a leading data science company, to create a unique service offering. The cloud-based platform applies artificial intelligence to your health, safety and environmental (HSE) data, recognizing patterns and relationships that standard business intelligence does not, to predict the number and types of incidents likely to occur, allowing you to intervene.




Easily and visually manage your flood risk.

waterRIDETM enables you to visualize the specific impact a flood will have on you, your community, or your business. Designed to remove the complexity from highly-technical geographic information systems (GIS) and flood modelling data, waterRIDETM provides powerful insights by integrating flood models with GIS data sets. It helps you to understand the behavior and impact of flooding by leveraging time-varying results, and offers the ability to interrogate flood model data without needing to be a flood modeler. Regardless of the model type, waterRIDETM uses a common interface for your results.


Aerial view of flood


Capture and track your project’s time and expense data with our centralized platform anywhere, anytime

uTime provides a flexible, secure, cloud-based solution for workforce management and reporting for locations, projects, joint ventures, integrated teams and subsidiaries helping you to establish a common platform, keep data centralized and access the information you need to meet your specific reporting requirements.


uTime - workforce project system and reporting tool