What we do

Advisian Digital

Enable rather than disrupt

Artificial intelligence. Cybersecurity. Physical Automation. Blockchain. Mental Augmentation. 

In the fast-growing world of these technologies, we can no longer assume that these are things that are going to happen in the future. These things are happening now. But how do you ensure they enable rather than disable? And how can we stay one step ahead with the ones that matter?

Why our digital journey helps yours 

Advisian Digital is the WorleyParsons Group's data science, software and technology business. When the hype around big data, the internet of things and the commoditization of engineering started to ramp up, we realized we had two options – allow WorleyParsons to fall behind or find ways for it to enable us. So we embarked on a digital transformation learning journey…

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Creating a digital ecosystem

Ecosystems are complex. Made up of many elements interacting with each other to create the right conditions to sustain and evolve – the digital environment is no different. Advisian Digital can help you create a dynamic, resilient and value-driven digital ecosystem that’s tailored to match the demands of your business, through our four focus areas.


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Turning captured data into value captured

Using a systematic set of tools, processes and know-how, we’ll help you make quicker, more informed, and at times, novel decisions that will determine the optimal physical or commercial action your facility or business needs to return the expected value. Our aim is to connect the dots of the digital value chain from captured data into value captured.


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Driving the right action at the right time

Our digital products help you create business value by facilitating your ability to capture and leverage data to enable machine or human decision making, driving the right action at the right time. They’ve been created to address specific and known industry challenges through efficient decision making and action – completely machine or computer automated, or working in concert with the human worker.


Our partners

 We partner with universities, other industries, technology start-ups, venture capitalists and our clients, to connect known problems to known solutions. Where a solution doesn’t exist, we create one.