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High impact, structured learning through our standard and customized training programs.

Abaqus training

Advisian offers on-site training for wide range of standard courses covering all levels of users; from fundamental to advanced. These courses are structured to include lecture session and hands-on workshop problems and is conducted by our engineers who has ample experience in solving real problems through simulation and are formally certified by Dassault Systemes. The course can cover either full standard training material provided by Dassault Systemes or customized to combine two or more courses as per the need of the user.

Courses are normally run on demand; however, we publish a tentative schedule for our standard training annually.

Training programs

For companies who have very specific needs in terms of skill development for the career progression of their simulation engineers, we help to achieve this objective by advising a structured plan which targets entry level engineers to advanced simulation engineers.

The plan can include:

  • basic training which can be included as part of the induction of the engineers, recurring at every recruitment cycle
  • tailor-made training material to target a special group or specific problem within the organization
  • phase-wise training plan
  • one-to-one training program to accelerate the learning for a specific targeted project.

Web training

For individuals who have limited time due to work commitments and are unable to attend on-site full training, we provide a medium to enhance your skills progressively in slow-paced setup. We offer online training program to users on selected FEA topics such as Impact/drop test analysis using explicit solver, Non-linearity and convergence, Thermal-stress analysis to name a few.

The whole objective is to provide a fast-starting point without wasting much of the time in looking for solution on the internet. The web training can always be coupled with the on-site training as per the requirement and convenience of the client. The online training will comprise of six presentations over a period of 12 months. Each presentation will be of 1.5 hours and it includes lecture and demonstration of example problem. The attendees can send their queries through e-mail to the presenter.


Advisian/Worley is the only certified Education Partner of Dassualt Systemes to conduct the full range of Standard Simulation Abaqus courses in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.

The following training courses are planned for 2023; further courses may be added to meet demand during the year. Additional courses may be scheduled to meet client demand. We are also able to provide training for a combination of one or more trainings. All training will be conducted online via Microsoft Teams and training materials will be given through online access via 3DEXPERIENCE Edu SPACE account.

Please email or click Register for further details.

Actual dates of courses may vary to meet client requirements. Course confirmation is subject to number of attendees.