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SIMULIA products portfolio for a holistic simulation environment.

SIMULIA Abaqus (Products)



Intuitive GUI

Abaqus CAE provides a platform to create, edit, diagnose, and visualize advanced finite element analyses in a quick and efficient way. The user friendly and intuitive interface integrates all three components; modeling, analysis and results visualization in a consistent manner which makes it simple to learn for new users, yet highly productive for experienced users. Abaqus/CAE supports standard interactive CAE concepts such as feature-based parametric modeling, interactive and scripted operation, and customization of the interface.



Apart from creating a native geometry in the CAE environment, Abaqus provides user with the choice of importing CAD models as geometry feature or as an orphan mesh feature. It also as provides associative interfaces for CATIA V5, SolidWorks, and Pro/ENGINEER which enable real time synchronization of CAD and CAE assemblies and help in keeping the models up to date without losing useful model information and time.



The customization toolsets within Abaqus CAE provides the capability to automate the workflow of tasks which are common to multiple processes. The visualization module of Abaqus/CAE offers extensive options to create and visualize the results in contour, XY data and animation format.


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Abaqus/Standard solver enables wide range of simulation type starting from stress analysis, heat transfer analysis to advanced coupled analyses. It provides a robust algorithm to carry out both linear and non linear problems with good accuracy and efficiency. This solver is ideally suited for static problems with moderate non-linearity. It has the flexibility to integrate with Abaqus/Explicit solver.



Abaqus/Explicit solver is well suited for simulation which involves brief transient dynamic events such as electronic drop testing, automotive crash test, ballistic impact test. The robustness of the solver algorithm and its efficient performance are its the key features. It has full integration compatibility with Abaqus/Standard, meaning, the results at any point within an Abaqus/Explicit run can be used as an initial conditions for Abaqus/Standard analysis and vice versa. Abaqus/Explicit shows great performance in highly non-linear quasi static problems such as metal cutting and metal forming simulations.



Multiphysics technology has been a part of Abaqus from Abaqus V2 and it provides the capabilities to solve problems involving multiple physical phenomenon. Currently, problems with fluid, thermal, and electrical couplings, to name a few are part of multi-physics simulation package. The key feature of this capability is the ease with which the structure model can be extended to include additional physical phenomenon within the same user interface.


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FE-SAFE (Durability analysis software for finite element models)


FE-SAFE suite provides fast and accurate durability analysis from FEA models. It is integrated with most of the of FE software suites including Abaqus, ANSYS, Nastran (MSC, NEi, NX), Pro/Mechanica). It has capability of both stress and strain-based fatigue analysis, however, its focus is on multiaxial strain-based fatigue analysis in order to reduce the conservatism.  FE-SAFE is included in Extended Packaging, allowing unified access to all solution technologies within the portfolio through a single token pool.


The complete fe-safe suite includes:

  • fe-safe: Accurate, reliable multiaxial fatigue analysis, regardless of the complexity of your loadings and model
  • fe-safe/Rubber: Unique, leading-edge technology for the fatigue analysis of elastomers
  • Verity Module in fe-safe: The original, patented Verity® Structural Stress Method for seam, structural and spot-welded joints
  • fe-safe/TURBOlife: Thermomechanical fatigue analysis with unique capabilities for creep-fatigue interaction

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Simpack (Multi-body simulation software)


Simpack is a multi-body simulation software suite which is part of the SIMULIA product line. It enable the engineers to model non-linear kinematics of mechanical or mechatronic systems. It gives a very user friendly GUI to create 3D model of bodies and define the coupling between them to simulate the interaction mechanism.


The application of Simpack is primarily focused within the following industry but not limited to:

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Tosca (Efficient optimization based on FEA and CFD simulations)

The Tosca optimization suite provides non-parametric structural optimization such as topology, shape, size and bead based on FEA simulation as well as flow optimization based on CFD simulations through two products; Tosca Structure and Tosca Fluid.

Tosca Structure helps to deliver optimized design in terms of weight stiffness, and durability with a shorter development cycle and removes the manual limitations.

Tosca Fluid provides topology-based optimization for fluid flow systems and enable to achieve high performance of fluid flow.

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Isight and Simulation Execution Engine (SEE) (Process automation and design exploration)


Isight is a parametric optimization software which provides an open platform to create a user defined simulation flow process involving multi-disciplinary models and tools in order to automate the execution of simulation. The objective of the simulation flow process can either be:

  • Parametric study to explore various design cases
  • Run a Design of Experiment and study the effect of individual parameters and their coupled effect on the desired objective
  • Run an optimization and reliability analysis to come up with an optimized yet reliable and practical design solutions 

The optimization exercise has several commercial and practical advantages on an organizational level.

  • It helps to reduce the design cycle time drastically
  • It helps to deliver a better and more reliable end product
  • Reduces manual error and limitation in deciding the design of experiments
  • Promote collaborative work environment

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