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We provide solutions, "best in your interest to grow and innovateā€. Empowering the companies and individual through cutting edge technology and the power of simulation.

Simulation consultancy

We provide our expert simulation services across various industries, including:

  • support in design development of product
  • new simulation methodology development
  • independent review and root cause failure analysis
  • structural integrity analysis and fitness-for-service (FFS) assessment
  • expert witness in dispute resolution.

Capability development advisory

We advise you on the right technological tools for the organization to optimize the resources, grow progressively and innovate with time. We enable the technical team of the organization with simulation capability through our expert training services.

Organisation technology roadmap advisory

We work together with the client to advise and develop a technology roadmap, considering both technical and commercial requirements to meet the short and long term business objectives. The roadmap will include adoption and implementation of new technology on an organizational level. We provide our service right from inception of the concept to its delivery.