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3D Experience

The collaborative platform for innovative business

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform provides a single interface that integrates the entire structure of the company. As a collaborative environment with role-based functionality, each member of the team has easy access to their tools: from design and engineering to process management and decision making, as well as providing an innovative experience for the customer.

Complete end to end workflow

Reduce time-to-market with the most complete, faster, more seamless and high-fidelity 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

  • Consistent user experience: all the familiar 3DS tools under one collaborative interface
    • Combines a high-fidelity simulation solver (SIMULIA) with high-performance post-processing and simulation modelling intelligence: faster results interpretation and time-saving on pre-processing for accurate simulation results.
  • CAD-CAE associativity: consistent interaction between design and simulation with easy parametrization
    • Batch modelling: convert large CAD assembly efficiently into a FE model by intelligent, automated defeaturing and meshing.
  • Process Management: compose and capture the workflow, easy access to results analytics with study and decision support.
    • Flexible and intuitive operation
      • Manage, build and share simulation methods
      • Guided workflow for designers to perform simulation
      • Fast results visualization on computer or tablet
      • In cloud or on premise
  • Designers and engineers: create CAD design and have all the calculation tools right at hand with guided modelling for easy simulation early in the design stage.
  • CAE expert: use advanced simulation methods for FEA and CFD with the ease of rule-based meshing for large and complex assemblies and share analysis results faster.
  • Process manager: capture the workflow and manage the design-to-market process with direct access to fast results analytics and guided decision making.

Download SIMULIA Community News, Journey to the 3Dexperience platform