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Akselos Integra

Akselos Integra

Powering digital transformation in heavy industry with predictive digital twins

Akselos Integra is an all-inclusive simulation that gives an accurate overall perspective of the condition of an asset throughout its life cycle, from the design phase to the operation phase, and right through to the decommissioning/life expansion phase. Our solution combines super-fast, physics-based models (1,000 times faster than anything else in the market thanks to our proprietary Reduced-Basis Finite Element Analysis technology (RB-FEA)) with Big Data analytics and sensor data to create a digital twin; which is an accurate and detailed 3D virtual model of the asset that enables exceptional control of the design and monitoring process. 

  • Design  Akselos Integra allows a user to construct a model in a bottom-up fashion by creating parameterized design models for the components and specifying how these components are interconnected. This facilitates collaboration between different component manufacturers under a single platform whilst protecting their proprietary data, which works towards reducing the design cycle time by up to 40 percent and the related design costs by up to 25 percent. 

  • Operations  Coupled with sensor data, Akselos Integra can give the user the first true representation of their asset in real time through the creation of an accurate Digital Twin encompassing all the relevant components. Akselos Integra is the only solution that shows the exact operating condition of an asset in one global 3D predictive model. This helps decision makers optimize maintenance schedules based on actionable intel. Using Akselos Integra, industries will determine the current and future conditions of their assets in real-time, prevent downtime and optimize their uptime and lifetime. This will reduce planned and unplanned maintenance related costs and the overall OPEX by up to 10 percent. 

  • Life extension  With knowledge of the integrity of the asset throughout its lifespan and virtual scenario modelling, Akselos Integra can facilitate decision making towards life extension strategies for the asset. By analyzing the data collected from your asset, the model can learn from the past to better inform the future about the total possible fatigue life extension after the design lifespan (usually 20 years), enhancing it by up to 35 percent. 

Akselos Integra works throughout the windmill lifespan:
Design → Operations → Life extension/Decommissioning

Key system features

  1. Simulation engine: utilizes Akselos Integra RB-FEA algorithms, 1000 times faster than the tools ubiquitously used in design (FEA). This speed-up enables Akselos to bring FEA’s very predictive technology from design to operation/maintenance for large structures
  2. Sensor data streams:  augment simulations, or virtual sensors, with information on operating conditions
  3. Akselos modeler GUI: enables users to easily modify structural models by adding/removing/replacing components or changing model parameters in order to test thousands of what-if scenarios and account for changes of the real asset
  4. Decision support system: gives a holistic view of the structural integrity of the assets, and a risk-based analysis for their most likely future failure modes
  5. Client’s model library: a private web-based library for companies to store their models and components

Akselos’ real-time predictive maintenance solution for large structures helps operators monitor and manage the integrity and life cycle of their assets. 

The Akselos workflow - digital twin for pressure vessels