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Industry Capabilities

Aerial view of an oil and gas refinery.

We help clients solve problems and add real value to their businesses with various industrial applications.

Brownfields support

We understand the importance of keeping your existing assets operating and optimised. Through the use of analysis we can address short-term issues to ensure operations run at their desired state, as well as provide optimisation and equipment change solutions. 

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Pressure equipment

We can help you design, verify, modify and maintain pressure vessels. 

Pressure equipment


Vibration is typically undesirable for an asset as it causes cyclic or periodic loading on equipment and structures, leading to degradation. Advance analysis helps to understand the behaviour of the vibration and develop strategies to mitigate or even eliminate the issues. 

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Fitness for service and life extension

Where a defect has been identified or equipment is coming to the end of its design life, an assessment of its suitability for future use can be made. Where there is a desire to operate for a longer period of time, improvements and recommendations of how to achieve this can also be provided. 

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Risk-based inspection

By examining the inspection history of statutory equipment as such as pressure vessels, waste heat recovery units, the period between inspections (and usually a plant shutdown) becomes extended. 

Worker on site inspecting equipment

Multi-Body System Dynamics – Rail Vehicle Dynamics

Understanding the dynamic behaviour of vehicles and machines is paramount for safety and efficient performance. Using advanced analysis tools and techniques, we simulate and analyse multi-body systems to characterise the system’s dynamics and perform design assessments and problem-solving investigations.

We have strong capability in rail vehicle dynamics and use industry specific software such as VAMPIRE Pro to simulate the rail vehicle-track dynamic interaction and perform wheel-rail interface studies. Areas include: vehicle compliance assessment, track maintenance analysis, derailment studies, wheel-rail wear investigations.


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