What we do

Non-ferrous Pyrometallurgy


For base metals smelter and refinery projects, our pyrometallurgy and refining consultants work in close collaboration with clients to understand and provide solutions for their pressing challenges, across their greenfield and brownfield developments.

Advisian has the hands-on knowledge from designing and delivering some of the world’s most complex pyrometallurgy and refining facilities to deliver you profitable solutions across all facets of development and operation, including:

  • Technology development

  • Pilot plant and test assistance

  • Engineering design

  • Commissioning

  • Start up

  • Operation

  • Debottlenecking

  • Optimisation

  • Maintenance

With extensive knowledge of the complex metallurgical processes and interactions with operational teams, we understand how important process evaluation and optimisation is to create cost savings across your operation.

Our services include: 

  • Process design and modelling sustaining studies

  • Concept and full feasibility studies

  • Business case studies and development

  • Process optimisation services

  • Due diligence and consulting

  • Mineralogical testing/interpretation

  • Front-end services

  • Operating process plant debottlenecking

  • Program management

  • Commissioning support

  • Operations improvement and support programs

  • Sustainable business solutions