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Petrochemicals refinery with silver piping.

Integrated solutions for petrochemicals.

The lines have blurred between chemicals, petrochemicals, and specialty chemicals as we seek solutions to develop a low-carbon petrochemical industry.

We need to use carbon in clever ways and find a balance between traditional and alternative feedstocks – whether we’re using plastics recycling to improve waste management or shifting to low-sulfur diesel fuel for long-distance shipping.

But to reach net zero, we’ll need to collaborate.

Unlocking new opportunities

Companies outside the petrochemicals industry are teaming up to tackle energy transition challenges – something that’s never been done before. These players are looking to partner with asset operators to test, trial and implement new technology, unlocking new opportunities for the industry.

Our consultants facilitate this collaboration with unbiased knowledge of available and emerging tech. Policy makers, industry, and businesses benefit from our technical expertise and insight.

And we enable social license while giving communities confidence in the sustainability of our solutions.

From pilot to scale-up

Our market services team helps to assess the current market and generate data to guide decision making for investments at any project stage. From here, our experts help to develop plans, make early decisions and roadmap.

But we don’t stop there. We use our experience from a large resumé of projects to advise and strategize on the best solution for assets and support new ventures from pilot to scale-up. And we work with our Worley colleagues to implement those solutions. All so our clients can continue to decarbonize and invest in emerging technologies.

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