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Modular consulting

Module part of a drilling platform ready to be installed.

How do we optimize capital project delivery with limited time, resources and labor at a job site?

Modular components are helping owners solve many construction and installation challenges. They’re versatile and allow us to build content in a module yard more efficiently and away from the project site. With more productive shop environments, we can build faster, using fewer resources.

Helping the world build clean energy infrastructure

Because of its potential to drive the energy transition, modularization is experiencing increased demand. All major energy companies are moving to modular as a standard part of project delivery. Modularization reduces construction waste and helps us achieve closed-loop material cycles for a circular economy.

But why is modularization often the best approach to deliver capital investment?

Modularization is a tried and tested way to build

It’s safe, to start with. The modular yard is a tightly controlled environment that allows your labor force to build closer to the ground, reducing the need to work at high elevations.

Modularization also solves the challenges of labor shortages because you can build components with machines in a shop setting. Not only does this use less labor, but construction is also faster. And when working on remote sites with limited craft labor, we can build in a modular yard and then move components to remote locations. Most of all, modularization brings predictability to projects, helping to save costs and improve scheduling.

12,000 modules and counting

These opportunities are easy to miss unless you’re partnered with a team of consultants who have hands-on experience. That’s where we fit in. We’ve supported many projects from the feasibility stage and execution planning to the module shop and then the field.

With more than 50 years of experience designing, building and providing modular consulting, we can help you develop modular plans, estimates and strategies for early concept planning and evaluation. And we work with Worley to help you manage and implement the entire program for large modular projects.

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