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Aerial top view of a chemical and oil plant, illuminated by yellow lights.

Chemicals but not as you know it.

The chemicals industry is at the leading edge of innovation for a sustainable future. We’ll need new chemicals and polymers for low‑carbon plastics and electric vehicle batteries. New ways of making and using hydrogen for cleaner chemicals. And new paths to recycle plastic waste.

Transitioning to net zero is no longer about finding the cheapest solution

It’s about being smarter in what you invest in and how you adapt to a changing energy landscape. This means looking at all the available technologies and regulatory pathways to identifying opportunities.

This is where we excel.

Our work begins at the feasibility stage

We support you from lab concepts to fully scaled‑up operations. This includes financing, procurement, and capital planning.

From social and consumer drivers to regulatory requirements and new technology, we help you achieve your goals by selecting the right option for your needs, providing robust cost information and developing regulatory compliance plans. We also bring our modular consulting and engineering project delivery from Worley to implement these plans.

Whether you’re scaling‑up your operations, designing something new or investing in alternative feedstocks, we provide integrated solutions to support a net‑zero future.