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Distributed Energy Systems

Refining plant behind rows of solar panels with rendered connector points over the image.

We deliver distributed energy solutions that increase reliability and resilience, reduce environmental impact, and cut costs.

Distributed energy is solving some of the world’s critical energy challenges by helping businesses secure reliable supply of energy, while decarbonizing their operations at the same time. It’s scalable. And it can use less energy when powered by renewables.

That’s why many industries have distributed behind-the-meter solutions as part of their sustainability plans, including features such as a district energy system that generates power, and provides heating, cooling and renewables coupled with energy storage.

Our work with distributed energy spans the world over

Every distributed energy project is different.

That’s why we bring together experience and expertise from around the world to approach each distributed energy project without bias.

In New York our advice resulted in the installation of lithium batteries with an output of up to 200kW in commercial buildings. In Perth, we used solar energy to help our client achieve two and half times the daily power they needed to generate their green hydrogen.

Our team can help you optimize grids, reduce operational downtime, find a low-cost solution, and meet your emissions targets.

To help you get the most value out your distributed energy system, our experts provide:

Technoeconomic analysis and optimization

We offer financial and technical advice on the viability of your distributed energy needs so you can optimize your asset capacity and manage your capital and operational expenditure.

We help you determine the right technology mix and size of your distributed energy system. And we streamline its layout to fit your budget and meet your sustainability goals.

Regulatory policy analysis

We evaluate policies and tariffs that might impact your choices of technology, system designs, business model viability and cost. This analysis reduces the risk of cost overruns or project failure by identifying challenges, mitigation strategies, and financial opportunities early in the project.

Decarbonization analysis

To help meet your carbon reduction or net-zero goals, we establish a carbon baseline of your current power sources and existing infrastructure. From this baseline, we will help develop a portfolio of projects including generation, energy conservation measures, and operational changes to meet your goals. We also develop roadmaps within a set timeframe that suits your needs and budget.

Independent engineer services

Our team provides condition assessments, financial analysis and technical recommendations for existing and new systems. This can include renewable energy systems or district and campus energy systems that make use of traditional and renewable power and thermal energy generation. We have conducted dozens of district energy system and renewable portfolio technical due diligences in the last 12 months, succeeding and securing over USD 3 billion in assets for our clients.

Speak to a local distributed energy expert to learn more.

District energy

Animation of a district energy system District energy systems are large, complex, and valuable. Buyers and sellers of these systems can benefit from having an experienced and knowledgeable independent engineer providing insight through the process. 

From asset condition assessments to construction planning reviews and fuel efficiency analysis, our team can evaluate the district energy system and provide strategies and recommendations to improve future revenue streams.