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Wind turbines on a mountain top with a path running alongside.

Powering a better future.

The way we generate and use power is changing. However, with major changes, come major challenges and opportunities. 

Whether you’re in the heavy industry sector and under pressure to decarbonize, a new entrant racing to find and fund the most bankable new projects, or an established owner of power assets one key fact is common to every market – inaction is not an option. 

You need innovative strategies, technologies and solutions that are sustainable, reliable and economical. And you need them now. 

When you want things to change, you need to be the spark

We draw on our varied backgrounds to bring diversity of thought and new solutions to your biggest challenges. From consulting and designing renewable installations and maintenance at running facilities, to end-of-life options analyses or decommissioning old assets, we work across every facet of power. 

Powering change around the world 

We analyze changes in the global power market to help organizations identify viable acquisitions. Our strategies have helped decarbonize mine sites in Australia. We’ve designed microgrids that provide power resilience to critical infrastructure in the USA. We’ve helped companies chart entry strategies into new renewable generation markets in South America and Asia. And we’ve developed improvement ‘roadmap’ plans for a suite of thermal, hydro and wind power generation assets for New Zealand’s largest and most trusted electricity generators and retailers. 

We’ve performed engineering design, licensing support, safety analysis and project management for new-build and decommissioning/waste storage programs for nuclear facilities in the USA and around the globe. We’ve been supporting asset life extension in Canada and our experts are now helping clients across multiple regions to deploy small modular nuclear power plants. These will bring reliable carbon-free baseload power and heat to the future energy mix. 

Our job doesn’t end when the consulting phase is complete

Thanks to our proven experience in execution, operations and maintenance, we don’t just devise the plan – we execute it. At every stage we advise with the end in mind, identifying ways to create operating efficiencies later and taking ownership of project outcomes. 

We all have a role to play to overcome one of the world’s biggest challenges.

Ours is find the solutions that power a more sustainable world.