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Mining, Minerals and Metals

Mining, Minerals & Metals

Modern mines, modern thinking.

With the right planning, a philosophy can be turned into reality.

We help our mining clients focus on a project’s early phases. We look to reduce risk, optimize opportunity and find the inherent value of your project.

The world is making a transition, with the global energy sector on a path towards sustainable, zero-carbon energy.

Manufacturing low-carbon infrastructure takes a lot of materials. And it’s no secret that these commodities come from the earth. But for mining, is it enough to simply provide the raw materials for a lower-carbon future?

The short answer is no.

Successfully transitioning to a low-carbon world requires the mining industry to change. From the moment a project is conceived right through to decommissioning, an environment, social and government lens must be applied to everything you do.

Mining is on the brink of a renaissance

But it’s not a given.

Stakeholder influence is playing a greater role in decision-making and approvals. The importance of sustainable, ethical, low-carbon operations underpinned by technology is an expectation from investors, communities and governments worldwide.

How you get your commodities to market is now as important as the supply of the materials.

You can’t wait a century or two to get this right.

Turning philosophies into reality

It’s a complex industry, and there are many questions that need answers.

For more than 15 years, we have worked with our clients to deliver technical and commercial advisory consulting to some of the world’s largest mines and processing facilities.

We help answer the tough questions: When will you see a return on investment? What is the latest technology available? How can you reach schedule certainty? And will government policy impact your operations?

We understand the risks, but we also understand the opportunities.

Aligning the front-end

Determining the right solution for your deposit and making sound decisions during a project’s conceptual stages will go a long way in keeping your business profitable.

Exploring options, and finding what works for you, can help you realize a safer operation, deliver process improvements and streamline engineering and project execution.

Full spectrum

We’ve supported the design and delivery of the world’s largest mines and processing facilities, from fertilizer developments in the Middle East to mining operations in South America.

Our consultants deliver solutions for new project developments and existing facility upgrades or expansions across a range of commodities. From studies to sustaining works, exploration to export.

We provide consulting and advisory services across the full spectrum of a mining project, helping you optimize your existing mine or decide on the best sequence of development for a new reserve.

We can support you with due diligence, capital projects advisory, regulatory approvals, community engagement, environment and water, geosciences, mine closure and mine pit development, power, transport and logistics.

And when our work is done

Once we conclude our consulting and advisory involvement, our Worley business can help you with your journey towards sustainable operations. Here, we provide technical design, concept and feasibility, engineering and project delivery.

It’s our unique ‘line of sight’ that can help you move your project from concept, through to financing, and into operations.