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Aerial view of a highway in a suburban area with trees and mountains in the distance.

Helping you create smarter, more sustainable, and lasting road infrastructure.

Roads are a vital link in transport networks. They enable the movement of people and goods between points of economic activity. But the drive towards sustainability and disruption from new technology, such as electric and autonomous vehicles, is challenging how road infrastructure is developed and operated.

So, how can we help?

Sustainable from A to B

Our team helps our clients transport people and goods sustainably and efficiently by staying at the forefront of sustainable road design and new technologies.

We help clients transition from carbon intensive fuels to more sustainable options by advising them on the most suitable batterieshydrogen, and biofuel technology.

We consider both the construction methods and materials to ensure the most sustainable outcome. This may involve the use of recyclables within road pavements and surfacing, or the reuse and rehabilitation of existing infrastructure.

Efficient movement across the road network

To increase site safety and efficiency, our experts conduct logistical assessments and can plan and design optimized routes to get goods, people and materials to where they need to be. This includes components for solar and wind farms, and hydrogen facilities.

We can run advanced transportation models, using intelligent transport system design and traffic analysis with mobile phone and GPS data. This allows us to forecast and analyze traffic conditions across complex networks, improve the flow of traffic, and optimize road solutions by reducing congestion and emissions.

Road infrastructure that adapts to climate change

All around us we’re seeing the impact of climate change. That’s why we’re planning and designing roads to be more resilient to extreme events like flooding, wildfires, and landslides. This includes designing infrastructure such as hazard-free evacuation routes.

We also work with other subject matter experts including environmental scientists, geotechnical engineers, risk assessors, hydrologists, and GIS experts. This helps us to develop resilient and holistic designs that respond to climate change and severe weather risks.

With you for the long haul

Together we can create smarter, more sustainable, and lasting road infrastructure. Contact a local roads expert to find out more.