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Large rail yard with freight trains and wagons, at sunset.

How do we move goods and reach our sustainability and decarbonization goals uninterrupted? Rail.

The world needs to keep moving. But now, more than ever it needs to do so with climate change in mind. But how do we get goods from one point to another in the middle of freak weather, natural disasters, and pressure from environmental groups and regulatory bodies?

Rail is part of the answer. It’s one of the most energy efficient ways of transporting goods and resources. For decades, it’s used less carbon intensive fuels like low sulphur diesel and electricity. The sector is adopting bio diesel, hybrid technology, liquefied natural gas and hydrogen fuel cells. And to improve efficiency, it has been using technology such as auto shutdown.

Rail isn’t without its challenges

But your challenges can be varied and diverse. They can be greenfield or brownfield rail projects, which require a different kind of thinking.

Existing technology has its own set of hurdles too. This includes the use of carbon intensive fuels or aging infrastructure. New technology is helping solve some of these challenges, but operators need to integrate it into existing infrastructure and be able to operate it to maximize their resources, optimize their operations and reduce capital and operating expenses.

Helping our clients simplify the complexities of rail

To understand your unique needs, we use our own experience as former railroad employees. We can identify opportunities for new or existing rail infrastructure optimization and rolling stock. And when you need to get to grips with using technology and infrastructure efficiently, we can give your workforce training.

This helps you unlock opportunities to slash costs, energy consumption and emissions per unit transported. You can also tap into our cost benefit and risk analysis to get more efficiency as technology such as hydrogen cells and improved battery technology enter the market.

We’re here to help you with your challenges. Get in touch so we can put you on the right track to decarbonization and efficiency through rail.