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Building simulation

Why use simulations instead of physical testing?

Headshot of Chee Wei Tan

Chee Wei Tan | Managing Consultant, Singapore | 20 September 2017

Time and cost

Cost and legal implications increase as major construction incidents move from functional failures to safety failures (building collapse, fire or explosion) that often cause injuries and fatalities.

In any typical case there can be:

  • 30+ people working on a dispute for up to a year
  • Missing or incomplete information
  • Costly and time consuming physical test and data collection process

Simulations can accelerate the path to uncovering the root cause of major incidents, and when used in conjunction with forensic methods, can save months on a typical case and deliver actionable insights within several weeks.

Physical testing vs simulations Physical testing vs. simulations

Delivered value

Advisian has a proven track record providing simulations for high profile cases. Our independent assessments offer you:

  • Fast assessment of the case, considering various credible what-if scenarios
  • Communication of complex behaviour in simple but comprehensive language
  • Independent technical assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of a pending arbitration
  • Valuable input in the development case tactics

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