Transactive networks in the New Zealand retail context

Great innovation is being developed, helping people and businesses bypass many market barriers. For example, peer- to-peer energy trading, community energy platforms, smart home products and grid-assisted PV.

There is real value in the transactive grid, where every day people buy and share electricity with each other, dynamically changing behaviours to meet their personal goals.

However for this to be a success, everyone must be across the grid’s vision and value.


jaime silk

Jaime Silk

Specialist Advisor

Jamie is a strategic new energy, business innovation advisor and business case specialist with 25 years industry experience in the UK, New Zealand and leading global distributed teams. His capability is founded in a deep analytical ability to understand and simplify complexity, detail and emerging trends to plot the roadmap to a solution. Jamie has previously led a power utility’s research and development team’s innovation for disruptive new energy technologies, created a successful technology start up collaborating with fellow founder science and engineering specialists, and headed product development of global high value clearing products for a leading international bank (including the strategic response to the Euro). Jamie’s expertise has been recognised in participation on a number of national and international expert advisory panels and working groups in the energy and finance sectors.


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