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Neil Allen

Neil Allen | Asset Management Lead, Perth | 17 January 2019

Management of the integrity and life extension of subsea systems is often seen as expensive and challenging. Neil Allen explains how we help manage the integrity of subsea systems to optimise production, increase cost efficiency, and enhance value.

The challenges of subsea life extension and managing the integrity of subsurface assets can often be overlooked and ignored due to logistical issues and the perceived expense of carrying out assessments. 

In the past, operators may have neglected the need for integrity management on their subsea assets; however, over the last 10 years, awareness of the integrity of assets has become a priority. Due to the oil and gas industry downturn over the last few years, many operators are looking to extend the life of assets with minimal replacement, so life extension assessments on subsea equipment is increasingly more common.

At Advisian, we have developed various techniques and strategies that view these systems as a whole. This holistic approach ensures utilisation of best practices and methodologies which avoid siloed strategies, detailed technical assessment and implementation, which alone cannot provide full solutions.

Our methodology to review and optimise subsea integrity management and remaining life assessments is the Production Asset Value Enhancement (PAVE) approach. 

pave process 

This simple, three-phase methodology ensures that the right offerings are selected and that assessments are carried out only if required.

The three phases are:

  • Project framing– Stepping back and framing the issues, which may be driven by safety, production, OpEx, resources, etc.

  • Detailed Evaluation - Carrying out the detailed work to ensure issues are addressed and actions plans are developed. Issues may be related to any one of these areas:

1. Production optimisation
2. Digital data management
3. Asset integrity
4. Decommissioning

  • Implementation – Helping manage change culture and implement the preferred solutions for each specific asset.

 Within these three phases, various offerings can be utilised that are specific to the subsea integrity, if required.  These are defined at the project framing stage and can include: 

•Asset life extension assessments 
•Pipeline cleaning and inspection remediation services
•Subsea integrity and late life assessment strategies and methodologies
•Digital data management utilising various in-house software
•Free span analysis 
•Fitness for services assessments 
•Subsea structural assessments 
•Corrosion and risk assessments 
•Flexible riser integrity assessments 
•Pipeline and riser integrity assessments

PAVE maze

The core benefits are that all subsea opportunities including production maximisation, optimized asset integrity, and organizational and cost efficiency can all be identified and addressed in a fully integrated manner, resulting in a value-enhancing way forward in the ‘lower forever’ operating environment.  

To learn more about how PAVE can help you, stop by Stand 42 at Subsea Expo UK from 5 -7 Feb 2019, or contact:

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