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Illustration of a white truck with a Hydrogen tank, driving past wind turbines and solar panels

One question, three experts - Why should the European Union adopt the Hydrogen Act?

Why should the EU adopt the Hydrogen Act? We tackle this challenge in our One question, three experts podcast, exploring the proposal for a novel policy framework titled Hydrogen Act: Towards the Creation of the European Hydrogen Economy.

Headshot of Geeta Thakorlal of Worley, welcoming everyone to the first podcast

Along with a number of renewables, hydrogen is a serious contender to replacing hydrocarbons globally. By 2050, it could be a mainstay of Europe’s energy portfolio. But, according to the authors of the Hydrogen Act published by Hydrogen Europe, this will only be possible if we drive it from a centrally agreed upon framework.

This is where the challenge lies. The hydrogen market is still maturing, with policy measures decentralized across various stakeholders, including the energy, transport and manufacturing sectors. The authors argue that a cocktail consisting of the Clean Hydrogen Act, Hydrogen Infrastructure Act and Hydrogen Market Act could centralize everything and be a healthy dose that spurs market growth.

So, should Europe adopt the proposal?

Listen in as Geeta Thakorlal, the Group President of Digital at Worley, explores the contents of the policy framework, and poses this question to our three experts. They include the paper's co-authors, Frank Wouters who is the former Advisian Vice President of Clean Hydrogen and Jorgo Chatzimarkakis, the Secretary General of Hydrogen Europe. They're also joined by Klaus-Dieter Borchardt, the former Deputy Director General of ENER for the European Commission.